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English First Paper Suggestion for SSC Exam 2014

Dear S.S.C Examines 2014 , if you follow my English suggestions, I hope you will get the questions 100% common. Besides, my English First Paper Suggestion for SSC Exam 2014 is so important that you will get A+, if you complete the suggestions fulfill. We try our best to deliver you hundred percent common questions avoiding unnecessary questions. We divided every suggestion into two steps for both weak and brilliant students, ‘first step is very important’ and ‘second step is less important. In the following, the English 1st paper suggestion for S.S.C Exam 2014 is given.

(1-8) some very very important seen passages.


  1. Strategy is an appropriate word …on the eye for the readers.
  2. The National Memorial at Saver ……loftiness of their spirit.
  3. Thousands of people in Bangladesh are suffering from…..will not remove the arsenic.
  4. On the mid 15th century a Muslim Colony… architectural beauties of Bangladesh.
  5. The Maghs build their houses… the most popular of all is sticky rice.
  6. When I was at medical college………………..rest of the world.
  7. May 1st international Workers Day …. better pay and better lives.
  8. Feroza’s childhood was full of sufferings….. she had solvency, security and happiness.

Other important passages to avoid risk:

  1. Immediately after the lunch at the hotel restaurant…. the rooftops of the city.
  2. The UNESCO has proclaimed February 21 …. a glorious recognition by the people of the world.
  3. Neil A Armstrong Commanded the Gemini 8 mission…. the orbiting mother ship.
  4. Tazneen Karim is………………..people to excel in.
  5. Feroza was fighting ……………a registered number.
  6. The first thing is that teaching gives women… they have now more confidence in themselves.


(13) Write a paragraph

Very very important paragraphs:

  1. A school Library
  2. Traffic Jam.
  3. Load Shedding
  4. A School Magazine
  5. Tree Plantation
  6. A Tea Stall
  7. Winter morning
  8. Importance of learning English
  9. A book fair
  10. A bus stand
  11. A good side and a bad side


(14)  Write a letter from one of the given…

Some very very important letters:

  1. Write a Letter to your friend telling him what you intend to do after the S.S.C. Examination.
  2. Write a Letter to your friend telling him about your preparation for the S.S.C Examination.
  3. Write a letter to your friend congratulating for the brilliant success.
  4. Write a Letter to your friend describing a picnic.
  5. Write a Letter to your friend telling him about how to improve English.
  6. Write a Letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality.
  7. Write a Letter to your friend inviting him to attend the party of your birthday.
  8. Write a Letter to your friend describing the benefit of reading newspaper.

Other important letters to avoid risk:

  1. Write a Letter to your younger brother advising him not to adopt unfair means in the examination.
  2. Write a Letter to your friend describing a road accident/ Annual sports day of your school/ the Annual prize giving ceremony of your school/food-habits of the people of Bangladesh.

Note: Here students mind that I delivered the suggestion for all Boards. So, you have to avoid the question which came in your own Board in 2012.


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  1. Najia Tasnim Deepti

    It’s great that we can get a suggestion easily by using internet. Thank you.

  2. kishoreganj govt. scl

    great, i hope that i will get A+ by following this suggestion……thank u…….

  3. Me Neyam……i want to give many many many tnX to deaR teacher who gives us a magnificent Suggestion..i hope that physics n chemistry will be given….tnQ…..Follow mE on Facebook
    __Fb/Shah Gaffer Mahmud Neyam

  4. I like it very much. it is great.

  5. Thank you for your suggestion.I hope I will get Golden GPA 5.I hope that physics and chemistry will be given…….

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