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English First Paper Suggestion for JSC Exam 2013

Dear JSC examines, if you follow my English 1st Paper Suggestion for JSC Exam 2013, I hope you will get the questions 100% common. Besides, my suggestion is so important that you will get A+, if you complete the suggestions fulfill. We try our best to deliver you hundred percent common questions avoiding unnecessary questions. We divided every suggestion into two steps for both weak and brilliant students, ‘first step is very important’ and ‘second step is less important. In the following, the English First Paper Suggestion for JSC Exam 2013 is given.

J.S.C. Exam 2013

Subject: Suggestion for  English 1st paper


(1-8)Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions below it.

Most important passages

  1. A piece of land was given to the class 8 student..
  2. A long ago in a small village near the jungle….
  3. Once upon a time, two farmers, Mr Ant & Mr Grasshopper,…
  4. Once upon a time there lived a poor man called Suruj Ali……….
  5. It was a nice warm evening in March…
  6. Once upon a time there lived a famous magician called Frankel…

Other passages to avoid risks.

  1. 8Once upon a time ,many years ago, there lived six blind men,……..
  2. One afternoon , Anwar & Kashem were walking..
  3. Mrs. Siddiqua Murshed was very happy when Rina…….
  4. Now Ruplal is very busy in the Jungle,….
  5. In the city of Dhaka there lived a class 8 student..
  6. Anwar & Kashem arrived at Mrs Siddiqua Murshed’s…….

14.Write a paragraph on any one of the following:-

Most important paragraph

  1. Your school library
  2. Honesty is the best policy
  3. Water Hyacinth
  4. An accident
  5. My first day at school
  6. A Magician
  7. Behaving responsibly/young Heroes
  8. Mr Ant & Grasshoper
  9. Industry is the key to success
  10. Favourite Teacher
  11. Knowledge
  12. Fables

13.Write a letter to your friend/father/mother/brother/teacher/……….

  1. congratulating on your brilliant success
  2. importance of learning English/reading newspapers
  3. to attend a picnic/birth day party/marriage ceremony
  4. describing about your country/home/village/the annual sports of your school/the prize giving ceremony/visit to a place of historical interest/the recent fair you have witnessed/ the recent street accident you have witnessed
  5. bad effect of smoking

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Provided by
Abul Hasan
Honor’s in English, Govt Tolaram College, Narayangonj


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